Enjoy a clean, popup-free browsing
experience with Pop Up Blocker for Chrome

The most powerful pop up blocker on Chrome. Poper Blocker automatically
removes all ad pop ups, pop unders, and overlays for a cleaner browsing experience.

Trusted by 869,798 people

No more popups or popunders. Period.

Unobtrusive notifications let you know when a pop-up or pop-under has been blocked.
Whitelist any site with a single click to allow popups.
Block Counter shows your blocked content history.

We specialize in defeating those sneaky popups from streaming, torrenting, and adult websites!

No more overlays. Also period.

Goodbye annoying overlays that take over the entire screen on some websites.
Adios overlays that restrict access to content based on your country.
See you later log-in restrictions and ‘special one-time offers’.

“Poper Blocker is probably the best Chrome popup blocker right now!”

Engineered to be best. Here’s why:

Unlike adblockers, we focus exclusively on popups, popunders, and overlays, giving us clarity of purpose beyond the competition.
Size Matters
Easy on CPU and memory. Blocks popups before they can drain your memory, not after.
Better Together
Poper Blocker is tested to work smoothly side-by-side with your favorite adblocker, giving you the best of both worlds.

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We believe a distraction-free browsing experience is a right, not a privilege. We’re a small group of fellow users who teamed up to channel our energies into creating a pop-up free browsing experience.

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