how do ad blockers work?

How Do Ad Blockers Work and Why Do You Need Them?

In 2023, marketers across the globe spent a combined total of around $720 billion on digital ads according to a report by DataReportal. The good news is that ad blockers are helping users avoid these intrusive and distracting advertisements online. So, how does an ad blocker work? Let’s understand the mechanisms behind these tools and know their benefits so you can make informed decisions about which one to use and how to customize its settings for the best browsing experience. How do ad blockers work? Ad blockers operate through several mechanisms, each contributing to their ability to disable ads effectively.

how to block overlays with Poper Blocker

How to Effectively Block Overlays for a Smoother Browsing Experience

Overlays, those annoying interruptions that pop up on websites, can be incredibly frustrating. They come in different forms, such as a newsletter sign-up, an exit ad, or something else. These can easily disrupt your browsing experience and make it harder for you to focus on the content that you care about. What are overlays? Overlays are intrusive elements that appear on top of a webpage’s content, which often blocks the view and demand user interaction. Unlike traditional pop-ups that open in separate windows or tabs, overlays are embedded within the webpage itself. They trigger automatically when you enter or leave

Online Safety Tips for Seniors

Online Safety for Seniors: Internet Tips and Best Practices

Data from Pew Research Center shows that more seniors are now using the Internet. About 96% of those aged 50 to 64, and 75% of those 65 years and older, are online. Staying connected and informed has many benefits. However, these benefits also come with risks like scams and fraud, which often target older adults. It’s necessary to be alert and knowledgeable about online safety to protect yourself and your personal information. Why Are Elderly People More Prone to Online Scams? Older adults often face unique challenges that make them more vulnerable to online scams. Knowing these factors can help

how to prevent malvertising

Malvertising: Definition, Examples, Types, and How to Avoid It

The internet offers endless opportunities, but it’s also a playground for cybercriminals. One of the most sneaky threats today is malvertising. This involves placing harmful code into online ads, which may lead to malware infections, data theft, and other cybercrimes.  A report by Safety Detectives says that the total damage from malvertising and other malware-related frauds may reach a whopping $10.5 trillion by the end of 2025. This shows how common it is and the need for strong security measures. What is Malvertising and How Does It Work? Malvertising, or malicious advertising, involves putting harmful code into legitimate online ads

what are cookie trackers and how to remove them with Poper blocker

Tracking Cookies Explained: What They Are and How to Block Them

Visiting a website and later seeing ads related to the content you viewed is the work of tracking cookies. These are small text files that store your browsing information to personalize ads and improve user interactions. It’s important to understand that around 42% of websites globally use cookies. However, this may also raise privacy concerns, which is why knowing how they function and learning to manage them is important for maintaining your online privacy. What is a tracking cookie? Tracking cookies are small text files placed on your browser by websites you visit. These cookies are designed to collect data

what are pop ups and how to block them?

What are Pop-Ups and How to Block?

Have you ever been deep into reading an article online, only to have your flow disrupted by a sudden window popping up out of nowhere? That’s a pop-up for you, the internet’s way of catching your eye, for better or for worse. OptiMonk’s insights has revealed that the average conversion rate for popups stands at 11.09%. It just goes to show how much of an effective tool they are for advertisers, which is why they are not likely going away anytime soon. What Is a Pop-up, and What Is Its Purpose? In its simplest form, a pop-up is a website

Block all types of online ads

Types of Online Ads and How You Can Block Them

Every day, an internet user is bombarded with an average of 5,000 ads (source G2 Learning Hub). This overwhelming flood of advertisements spans across various platforms, from social media to search engines, making it nearly impossible to avoid them. But what if you could browse through this ad-laden online landscape more smoothly? What are Online Ads? Online advertising works in a similar way to billboards. Its aim is to catch your attention and make you interested. Online ads can be found in different formats that all communicate messages or promote products, services, or brands. These ad-tracking tactics utilize the extensive

Too many ads: why are online ads so annoying?

Too Many Ads: Why Are Online Ads So Annoying?

Online ads are everywhere. From spam popups that interrupt your video binge-watching to banners that crowd your favorite websites, the digital space seems cluttered with advertising. But why has it reached the point where there are just too many ads, and more importantly, why are these so annoying? Studies reveal a stark reality: a whopping 70% of internet users find digital ads annoying, and a similar percentage report a negative impact on their perception of brands due to poor ad experiences. This sentiment is echoed across various platforms, with users lamenting the intrusion of ads into their online activities. Why

what is ad blocking?

What Is Ad Blocking and How Does It Work?

Did you notice that there are too many ads online? They are everywhere, bombarding users with unwanted distractions. It’s estimated that digital advertising spending worldwide could reach $870.85 billion by 2027. This rising number highlights the alarming growth of online ads, leading many to seek a solution. What is Ad Blocking? Ad blocking is a technological intervention made to improve the user’s experience by removing advertisements from web pages. This process includes identifying and stopping ad content from loading, hence providing a cleaner and more streamlined browsing environment. In other words, it aims to block distractions which are often in

Types of Pop-Up Ads

Types of Pop-Up Ads and How to Deal with Them

Pop-up ads are like uninvited guests at a party. They just pop up when you least expect them and demand your attention. From the sudden burst of a sale ad when you’re deep into reading an article to a subscription plea that blocks your view, pop-ups can range from mildly annoying to downright disruptive.  Did you know that pop-ups convert better on mobile than they do on desktop? This is based on a study made by Drip, highlighting that these annoying online visual elements are likely to stay. But why do they exist in such variety, and more importantly, how