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Why You Should Use an Ad Blocker

Are you getting irritated by constant ad pop-ups interrupting your web browsing experience? Do you find your internet browsing slowing down? Are you worried about inappropriate adult content popping up on your screen? These are all common examples of inappropriate or irritating ads interfering with your internet browsing experience. There are many advantages to having an ad blocker when surfing the web and minimal disadvantages. Here you will learn all about these pros, how they outweigh the cons, what an ad blocker is and how it works, as well as the ways in which they secure you, your personal information,

Technically Speaking: What are the Different Types of Internet Cookies?

Internet cookies are used to save information about users’ activity on a website. This information can include user preferences, login information, and browsing history. Cookies help websites remember this information so that it’s used to provide a better, more personalized experience for the user. What are the Different Types of Internet Cookies that Exist? The different types of internet cookies that exist include session cookies, persistent cookies, first-party cookies, third-party cookies, and flash cookies. Session cookies are temporary files that are stored on a person’s computer for the duration of their visit to a website. These cookies allow websites to

Streaming Pop-ups

How to block pop-ups while streaming online?

We have all become accustomed to unlimited, disruption-free streaming. There’s nothing like a streaming session, watching your favorite shows, or listening to your favorite music without interruption. Sometimes it can be just what we need to make a day better. In fact, just in 2020, people around the world spent more than 480 billion hours streaming content. It’s safe to say we are a society that loves to stream! And with streaming services, and streamers only growing, unfortunately so will the ads that often disrupt our viewing and time.  Here’s how you can restore your viewing habits into a way

Chrome notifications

How to Block Chrome Notifications

Do you find that Chrome notifications interfere with your browsing experience? Not to worry, there are multiple solutions for you! Irritating notifications can be easily disabled with just a few clicks. Continue reading below to learn a step-by-step guide on how to block notifications on Chrome. Why Are Chrome Notifications Bad? Chrome notifications are considered a form of spam. They can drain your device’s central processing unit (CPU) by forcing your browser to upload and stream unnecessary links and ads that you aren’t interested in seeing. The impact it has on your device’s CPU causes your online browsing to slow


How to Delete Cookies from your Browser

You want to know how to delete cookies, look no further. Cookies were once lovingly thought of as a delicious albeit naughty snack to have with your coffee. These days, cookies are associated with annoying pop ups and irritating extra clicks that get in the way of our browsing online. Cookies are everywhere, on all websites and they are constantly asking for permission, asking for acceptance and they won’t close until you interact. How to Manually Delete Cookies on Your Browser? Follow these simple steps to delete cookies when using Chrome on a desktop. Click the three-dot icon that appears

Block Websites You Find Hard to Resist

The Benefits of Using Poper Blocker

You’re fed up with pop-ups ruining your online experiences, so you’ve decided that it’s time to put a stop to it with a blocker app. Good thinking, blockers are the ideal way to stop those irritating boxes from bombarding your screen. Poper Blocker is an excellent choice to make when choosing the right blocker for you, but why is that? Today, we’re going to let you know the advantages you can expect once you’ve installed Poper Blocker on your device. The Ideal Blocker for Chrome and Firefox First off, it’s important to make sure that the blocker app you choose

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How to Block YouTube Ads on Chrome

Looking for an Adblock for YouTube? Have you noticed that ads on YouTube have become more problematic? The site is inundated with adverts, some even lasting half an hour or more. They happen at the start of videos, during the video and even at the end. There are videos with multiple ads, despite being only a few minutes long.  Adverts can make watching YouTube an absolute misery. Thankfully, you can take control of what you see when watching YouTube. Blocking ads is possible and easy, here’s how. Pay for YouTube Premium to Stop Ads The first way involves paying out

Online notifications

7 Tips for Removing Online Distractions

We are living in a world that is increasingly focused online. We work from home, study from home, and socialise from home. It’s not just because of the pandemic either, although that has certainly had a massive impact. As technology has advanced, a substantial portion of our time is spent online and more of us are comfortable working this way. However, focusing while being online isn’t as easy. Distractions such as the dreaded pop up and online ads are showing up everywhere.  How can you concentrate in your digital zone? Use our 7 tips and free yourself from online distractions

Remove popups

How Wonderful Life is with No Spam Popups

No one enjoys pops ups. They are intrusive and can cause lots of frustration when you land on a website to be greeted with box after box opening on your screen. They were once frequently associated with viruses and can still be a sign of malware on your device. However, these days most pop ups tend to be built into the coding of a website, to ask for certain actions to be performed or permissions granted. These can include: asking for permission for the website to send you notifications direct to your browser asking to know your location a newsletter

Poper Blocker vs. Competitors

How does Poper Blocker compare against other popup blockers?

Popups are probably the most familiar form of today’s invasive advertising. Though their name may suggest, they don’t just pop UP, but also pop under, hide themselves off-screen, pop as new browser tabs and often ask you to click this and that before they would let you close the window. In short, nobody wants to deal with a popup!