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Too many ads: why are online ads so annoying?

Block Intrusive Pop-Ups and Overlays

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Here's Why People Love Poper Blocker

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"With Poper Blocker, whatever pop-ups another adblocker might have missed will get squashed forever"

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"Poper Blocker focuses on blocking pop-ups, pop-unders, overlays, timed and scroll pop-ups, and other varieties that might slip past other ad-blocking extensions"

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"Poper Blocker’s Pro version notably demonstrates its prowess at blocking ads on a wide range of platforms, including YouTube and social media platforms."

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"Poper Blocker is a light ad blocker that specializes in blocking pop-up and pop-under ads. It effectively eliminates annoying pop-up ads, providing a smoother browsing experience"


What is an Ad blocker?


An ad blocker is a browser extension that prevents advertisements from popping up on web pages, making your browsing experience less cluttered, faster, and more enjoyable. 


Are Ad blockers safe? 


Yes, ad blockers are safe to use. They primarily work by blocking or hiding ads on web pages and they don’t have significant security risks. It’s important however to always download from a reputable source like Poper Blocker. 


Do ad blockers work on all websites?


Ad blockers typically work on most websites that display ads. However, there are a few instances where ads are not blocked due to how the ads are delivered or integrated into the site’s content. At Poper Blocker, we are always working on updating our features and ad-blocking to ensure you get the exact ad-blocking experience you want. 

About Us

Here at Poper Blocker, we understand how important distraction-free browsing is. Whether for work, or pleasure – Intrusive ads totally disrupt your digital experience. That’s why we’re here to help with the best ad-blocker extension.