How does Poper Blocker compare against other popup blockers?

Popup Blockers

Popups are probably the most familiar form of today’s invasive advertising. Though their name may suggest, they don’t just pop UP, but also pop under, hide off-screen, pop as new browser tabs, and often ask you to click this and that before they would let you close the window. In short, nobody wants to deal with a popup!

What are Popup Blockers?

A popup blocker is a piece of software that prevents popup ads from being displayed. Most modern browsers, like Chrome, provide pop-up blocking tools at some level, while third-party tools add other features, such as ad filtering. Some web-based installers, such as McAfee’s, use a popup to install software. This shows how widespread the use of popups is these days. Let’s take a look at some of the popup blockers available online.

Popup Blocker Pro

Chrome popup blocker – Popup Blocker Pro, blocks unwanted popups and popunders on sites you visit. You will see a notification when any popup is blocked. You can add sites to a whitelist to ignore this. The White list is synchronized to all Chrome browsers that you are signed in.

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    “Save your computer from Unwanted Pages — Blocks popups and popunders and makes you feel better.”

JavaScript Popup Blocker

JavaScript Popup Blocker is a simple yet powerful popup blocker Chrome for JavaScript-created popups & pop-unders. It can be used in Whitelist mode blocking all popups except those on whitelisted pages; or in Blacklist mode, only blocking popups of blacklisted pages. You can also force iframes to follow the settings of their parent page even if they don’t match the URL pattern.

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    “A powerful popup blocker for JavaScript popup & pop-under windows.”

Popper Stopper Pro

Popper Stopper Pro comes from the original founder of “Poper Blocker” with new defenses and algorithms built from the ground up to ensure no more popping windows. When a popping window (popup or a popunder) is recognized, the plugin blocks it and a notification is shown. You’ll have the control over whether to keep blocking or to whitelist all the popping windows from that site, using the “Allow Always” link in your Chrome pop up blocker settings.

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    “No more annoying popups and popunders. Period.”

Popup Blocker (strict)

Another chrome popup blocker is Popup Blocker (strict), a lightweight extension to prevent sites from opening popups. The extension suspends all kinds of window-opening requests for user attention. You can accept/deny a request. Multiple requests are shown in a collection. If a site requests a single URL multiple times, a badge number is shown indicating the total number of requests to this particular URL.

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  • Rating on the Chrome WebStore
  • Slogan
    “Strictly block all popup requests from any website.”


Not all popup blockers in Chrome are created equally. The major benefit of Popup Blocker Pro is its notification feature when any popup is blocked and the ability to whitelist it. JavaScript Popup Blocker blocks popups that popup blocker Chrome download doesn’t, like the ones that appear when you click anywhere on a page. In Popper Stopper Pro, the extension works well with other ad-blocking extensions, and can be used as a complementary addition for a better browsing experience. The extension claims that in the name of users’ privacy, no data is sent to any server. Popup Blocker (strict) does not block popups after their creation but blocks them once they are requested.

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