Why Should You Use Poper Blocker?

Even if you don’t hate internet advertising, you’re probably not very fond of it either. Advertisements in all shapes and forms follow you online wherever you go. Flooding Facebook feeds, jumping out at you while you try and read an article or even cover the whole screen with a page you didn’t open.

This advertising material often disrupts users from accessing online content the way they want. This may be why it will come as no surprise that according to a study carried out by Reuters, around a quarter of Internet users have some form of ad blocking software installed on their computers and mobile devices.

Generally speaking, ad blockers are programs designed to prevent different kinds of ads from appearing on a web page and in turn, improving the user’s online experience by enabling them to surf the web without exasperating interruptions or distractions.

From a technical standpoint, while a site is loading, the ad blocking software checks the donamin names of the elements loading on the web page against massive blacklists. If any site component is flagged as advertising material, the software stops it from loading. After the content is displayed, the pop up blocker looks for elements that meet certain rules and hides them from the screen.

Like it or not internet advertising is an indispensable part of the internet ecosystem and for that reason, are here to stay. Ads can be interesting and engaging just as they can be extremely intrusive and annoying but you can prevent the irritation they cause and save indispensable time and effort.

Poper Blocker and general ad blocking softwares will significantly improve your browsing experience by removing annoying pop ups, overlays and huge amounts of content that doesn’t interest you at all. Not to mention how it will give you better internet speed. Websites will open faster because they will no longer have to load dozens of advertising tags, plug ins, and third party analytics.

Voted the No.1 extension to block annoying popups, popunders and overlays, Poper Blocker through an advanced algorithm identifies the correct adblock for each unique pop up for industry- leading accuracy in blocking pop ups and ads in both new tabs and new windows.

You can now efficiently stream and download content without being disrupted by pop ups. Unobtrusive notifications let you know when a pop up had been blocked and any malicious activity detected. Poper Blocker intelligently blocks spam pop-ups on any site, including javascript popups and overlays allowing you to experience the web in Google Chrome and other Chromium browsers in peace.

What’s more is that you also have powerful customization on the extension.The overlay blacklist feature automatically disables annoying overlays that take over your entire screen ,forcing you to log in, restricting access because of your country, turning off your ad block or otherwise wasting your time. You can also view your blocked content and history and whitelist sites that you wish to support. The best of both worlds really.

So, if you want an ad free life and something to help restore your focus while online, that is also accurate, light and beyond your average ad blocker for Chrome – you need Poper Blocker.

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