Why You Should Use an Ad Blocker

Are you getting irritated by constant ad pop-ups interrupting your web browsing experience? Do you find your internet browsing slowing down? Are you worried about inappropriate adult content popping up on your screen? These are all common examples of inappropriate or irritating ads interfering with your internet browsing experience. There are many advantages to having an ad blocker when surfing the web and minimal disadvantages. Here you will learn all about these pros, how they outweigh the cons, what an ad blocker is and how it works, as well as the ways in which they secure you, your personal information, and your web browsing experience. Continue reading to learn all about why you should use an ad blocker and how Poper Blocker can help.

What are Ad Blockers, and How do they Work?

Ad blockers are important software devices used to enhance your browsing experience by eliminating dangerous, irritating, or irrelevant advertisements from appearing on your web browser when you are surfing the web. They serve people for many different functions, but the most popular is to ensure safety and privacy. Ad blockers are designed to block all forms of ads but the most common are malvertising, pop-up ads, banner ads, video ads, and social media ads. 

To understand how ad blockers work from not a tech-savvy perspective, we will simplify the explanation here. The most optimal ad blockers are designed to scan websites for intrusive ads, identify these ads, and block them from appearing on websites before the user has entered the web page. When ad blockers are scanning websites, they are filtering through the site’s content and advertisement scripts. When ad blockers identify an ad script they then can instantly block it from appearing on the website you’re browsing.

Benefits of Using an Ad Blocker

Benefit #1 – Security & Privacy

Ad blockers are advantageous for various reasons but arguably the most beneficial and important is for your security and privacy when browsing the web. Cybercriminals are becoming more and more crafty at spreading fraudulent and dangerous malware across the web. Malvertising is one of their popular tactics that target you by hiding scams and malware in ads on trusted websites. If you accidentally fall for a malvertisement on your personal device, your information and privacy are at great risk.

Ad blockers are designed to identify malvertisements and block them from your webpage so that you are unable to view its contents and potentially fall victim to a cyberattack. 

Benefit #2 – Block Distractions

Ad blockers are also beneficial because they eliminate potential distractions. For example, let’s say you are surfing the web for articles, trying to get work done for school or a job, and shopping ads keep appearing on websites. The ads are too tempting to ignore, and you may find yourself going down a hole in online shopping instead of completing the task at hand. Ad blockers are very useful in these situations because they remove these distracting ads from the users’ view so that there aren’t any temptations and divulgence, to begin with.

Benefit #3 – Children’s Safety

A huge benefit of ad blockers is their ability to block inappropriate or dangerous content from children as they surf the web. The internet is filled with adult-rated content that you would not want a child to see. Some ad blockers have a feature where you can specifically manually block all adult content. Children are also easy targets for cybercriminals because of their youth and naivety. Ad blockers can help parents sleep better at night knowing that as their child is playing games online, they won’t accidentally click on some malware ad or come across adult content. 

Benefit #4 – Quicker and Better Internet Browsing

Lastly, ad blockers are also very beneficial for enhancing and speeding up your internet browsing experience. They have the ability to make your online browsing seamless because they block intrusive ads that delay your internet speed. As web pages load, if they have many ads attached to them, they must load as well. This causes your browser to take longer to load because it is no longer just the webpage you’re visiting or you are waiting to load, it is all the baggage that comes with it. Since ad blockers identify and block these ads before entering the webpage, they don’t delay your internet speed because they aren’t being loaded. This also helps save your device’s battery life because these external ads are not loading onto your browser and making your device work longer and harder for the same webpage. 

Should You Use an Ad Blocker?

The simple answer is yes! Ad blockers were created to ensure online security and privacy, as well as a seamless web browsing experience. The pros for sure outweigh the cons. The cons of an ad blocker do not threaten your safety and privacy, whereas the pros ensure both from happening. The only legitimate ad blocker con is that some of the ads being blocked might be applicable and beneficial to you, that’s it!

Ad blockers are becoming more and more popular as cybercrime is growing at an exponential rate. The article Even the FBI says you should use an ad blocker discussed how the FBI highly recommends that web users download ad blocker extensions to protect their personal information and devices from becoming vulnerable to cyberattacks. The FBI stated how cybercriminals have focused their attention on hiding scams and fraudulent activity in advertisement posts. They also noted that these criminals create scams that impersonate extensions and apps so web users unknowingly download malware onto their devices. The uproar of cybercrime alone should be enough of a reason to use an ad blocker.

How to block ads with Poper Blocker

The first step is installing Poper Blocker to Chrome, Firefox, or Edge (depending on your browser). Under the extension icon, pin Poper Blocker to have its icon appear on your browser.

Poper Blocker will automatically block pop-ups and advanced pop-ups from any website you visit. These features are great for improving your browser’s speed and performance as well as blocking online distractions

Upgrade to Poper Blocker Pro to access all the features that protect your security and privacy. Poper Blocker Pro enables you to hide cookie requests, block ads on social media, and block ads on any site. Under the Poper Blocker icon, manually activate these features to improve your browsing experience. 
Hiding cookie requests grants you security and privacy as you visit web pages. Cookies is a web tool that tracks and saves your behavior on a website which compromises your privacy. 

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Blocking intrusive ads on social media and websites is an important feature that improves many aspects of your online experience. Both of these features improve web browsing speed and performance because your browser will not have to load multiple additional ads when uploading a page. These features improve your security as they remove malware ads that can infect your device by spreading viruses. They implement privacy by removing phishing ads that attempt to steal web user’s personal information, money, and device information. Both features protect children from inappropriate content and dangerous false advertisements because these types of ads will be hidden from children as they surf the web.

Lastly, blocking ads on social media and websites also blocks users from distractions such as online shopping or games. 


Ad blockers give web users the ability to control what they see when surfing the web. They enable users to block malware and phishing ads, protect children from dangerous or inappropriate ads, remove unnecessary distractions, and ameliorate browser speed and performance. Take control of your browsing experience and download Poper Blocker today!

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