How to Block Ads on Microsoft Edge: Comprehensive Blocking Strategies

The Ad-Free Edge Experience: Why It Matters

On the web, ads are everywhere. They can be distracting, intrusive, and sometimes, a gateway to malware. But what if you could browse the web on Microsoft Edge without these annoyances?

Imagine an ad-free experience where your focus remains undisturbed, and your online journey is safer. Isn’t that an internet experience worth striving for?

Why Microsoft Edge?

1. A Growing Force in the Browser Market

Microsoft Edge has quickly risen as a major player in the browser market, achieving a significant global market share. Recent browser market share data from Similarweb places it right after Chrome, surpassing browsers like Safari, Firefox, and Opera in popularity. 

Furthermore, with its integration into the widely-used Windows platform, the Microsoft Edge browser has amassed nearly 286 million users, as reported by MSPoweruser.

This rise in prominence reflects its growing appeal among users who prioritize quick, secure, and efficient web browsing. The expanding community of Edge users highlights the browser’s dependability and the favorable response it garners from those who use it.

2. Enhanced User Experience

Edge is recognized for its user-friendly interface, featuring a clean and intuitive design complemented by a range of features that enhance user interaction. The browser’s layout is designed for simplicity and efficiency, facilitating easy navigation for all users, regardless of their technical expertise.

This emphasis on a seamless user experience is key to Edge’s appeal, as it effectively caters to a diverse audience with varying technological skills.

3. High-Performance Browsing

Performance is a key factor in Edge’s popularity. Built on the Chromium engine, it offers fast loading times and smooth performance, even with multiple tabs open. This efficiency is crucial for users who multitask or require a browser capable of handling extensive browsing activities without lag or slowdowns.

4. Advanced Security Features

Security is paramount in today’s online environment, and Edge addresses this with robust security features. It includes enhanced protection against phishing and malware, safeguarding users’ data and privacy. These security measures are continuously updated to combat new threats, providing users with peace of mind as they navigate the web.

5. Compatibility and Extension Support

Edge’s compatibility with a wide range of web standards and its support for Chrome extensions make it a versatile choice for users. This compatibility ensures that websites and applications run smoothly, and the extensive library of available extensions allows users to customize their browsing experience to suit their individual needs and preferences.

Built-in Ad & Pop-up Blocking Features of Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge, with its built-in ad and pop-up blocking capabilities, offers users an initial layer of defense against intrusive online advertisements. These native features are designed to enhance user experience by having the ability to block distractions and minimize potential security risks posed by unwanted ads and pop-ups.

1. Activate the Pop-up Blocker

Edge’s popup blocker is a fundamental tool in the fight against intrusive ads. To activate it, navigate to the browser settings, specifically under “Privacy, search, and services”. Here, you’ll find the option to toggle on the pop-up blocker.

Edge's popup blocker

This feature prevents new windows or tabs from opening automatically, which are often used by advertisers to display pop-ups. It’s a straightforward yet effective way to maintain a cleaner browsing space.

2. Adjust the Tracking Prevention

Another significant feature of Edge is its tracking prevention capability. This function not only blocks certain types of ads but also prevents trackers from monitoring your online activities. By default, Edge offers different levels of tracking prevention:

  1. Basic
  2. Balanced
  3. Strict

Each level provides a varying degree of protection against trackers, with the Strict setting offering the most comprehensive defense. Users can customize this setting based on their privacy preferences and browsing needs.

Customize tracker settings on Edge

3. Manage the Exceptions

Edge allows users to manage exceptions in ad blocking. This means you can choose to allow ads and pop-ups on specific websites that you trust or require them for full functionality. This feature is particularly useful for sites that rely on pop-ups for essential services or user interactions.

Manage exceptions on Edge ad blocker

4. Configure the Site Permissions

Within the browser settings, Edge provides a section dedicated to site permissions. This area allows users to fine-tune their control over what content is allowed or blocked on specific websites.

Configure site permissions on Microsoft Edge

Users can set permissions for cookies, images, JavaScript, and more, giving them a higher degree of control over their browsing experience.

How to Block Pop-up Ads on Edge Browser Using Poper Blocker

1. Install Poper Blocker

The first step in transforming your Microsoft Edge browsing experience is to install Poper Blocker. This process is straightforward and user-friendly. Simply visit the Poper Blocker website or the Microsoft Edge Add-ons store.

Poper Blocker Add-on for Microsoft Edge browser

Click on the ‘Get’ or ‘Add to Edge’ button, and the extension will seamlessly integrate with your browser. This initial step is crucial as it lays the foundation for an enhanced, ad-free browsing environment.

2. Create an Account with Poper Blocker

Once Poper Blocker is installed, the next step is to create an account. This is a quick process that unlocks the full potential of this popup blocker. By creating an account, you gain access to advanced features and customization options.

Create an Account with Poper Blocker

This personalization allows you to tailor the ad-blocking experience to your specific needs and preferences, ensuring that your browsing is as efficient and enjoyable as possible.

3. Launch the App and Navigating to Advanced Settings

After setting up your account, open the Poper Blocker app within Edge. Here, you’ll find a user-friendly interface where you can navigate to the ‘Advanced Settings.’

Poper blocker advanced settings

This section is where the magic happens. You have the power to adjust the settings of the ad blocker to suit your browsing habits, giving you control over what gets blocked and what doesn’t.

4. Activate the Ad Blocking Features

In the Advanced Settings, you’ll find options to enable different levels of ad blocking. The ‘Block basic popups’ feature is essential for stopping pop-ups that open in new windows or tabs. For a more comprehensive blocking experience, turn on ‘Block advanced popups (overlays).’ 

Block popups and ads on Edge

This feature is particularly effective at blocking those pesky pop-ups that appear over the page you’re currently viewing, providing a cleaner and more uninterrupted browsing experience.

5. Tailor Your Experience

Poper Blocker’s strength lies in its flexibility. You can choose to block all ads and pop-ups or customize the settings to allow certain types of content.

Hide ads on YouTube, social media and any site

This means that if there are websites where you don’t mind seeing ads or require pop-ups for functionality, you can easily adjust the settings to accommodate these preferences. In fact, you can even block pop-up ads on streaming sites and social media as well.

A New Chapter in Browsing with Microsoft Edge

Adopting the ad-free capabilities of Microsoft Edge, enhanced by tools like Poper Blocker, signifies a major change in your online interactions. This move goes beyond just avoiding the irritation of pop-ups and banners; it’s a deliberate choice for a more focused and streamlined web experience. With the power to block unwanted ads and pop-ups, you gain not only speed and clarity but also an additional layer of privacy and security.

The path to a cleaner, more efficient browsing environment is both simple and rewarding. By enhancing Microsoft Edge with these effective ad-blocking tools, you’re not merely customizing a browser; you’re elevating your entire online experience. It’s a decision that underscores a commitment to quality, safety, and an uninterrupted digital lifestyle.

Looking to block ads on Chrome?

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Transform Edge into an ad-free zone – Get Poper Blocker now!


Can ad blockers speed up my browsing on Edge?

Absolutely! Ad blockers play a crucial role in enhancing browsing speed. By filtering out ads, these tools reduce the amount of data loaded on each page, resulting in quicker load times and a smoother browsing experience. This efficiency is particularly noticeable on websites heavy with advertisements, where ad blockers can significantly cut down on digital clutter and loading delays.

Are there any risks to using ad blockers on Edge?

Generally, ad blockers are safe, especially when sourced from reputable providers. However, caution is advised. A small number of them might have security vulnerabilities or privacy concerns. It’s essential to research and choose an ad blocker known for its reliability and commitment to user safety. Reading user reviews and checking the credibility of the developer can guide you in selecting a secure ad blocker.

Can I customize ad-blocking settings on Edge?

Yes, customization is a key feature of most ad blockers for Edge. These tools often allow you to tailor their functionality to your browsing habits. You can choose to block all ads or select specific types of ads to filter. Additionally, one of the benefits of using an ad blocker is that you’ll have the option to whitelist your favorite websites, ensuring that you continue to support the sites you trust and enjoy while blocking ads elsewhere.

Do ad blockers on Edge block all types of ads?

Most ad blockers like Popoer Blocker are quite effective at filtering a wide range of advertisements, including pop-ups, banners, and video ads. However, some sophisticated or non-standard ads might occasionally bypass these filters. Ad blockers are continually updated to address new types of ads, ensuring a high level of effectiveness over time.

Will using an ad blocker on Edge affect website functionality?

In some instances, ad blockers may inadvertently block elements that are crucial for website functionality. This can lead to issues like broken web pages or disabled features. However, this is not a common occurrence and can often be resolved by adjusting the settings of your extension or app. Most ad blockers allow you to disable blocking for specific sites, ensuring that you can fully access and enjoy websites that might have compatibility issues with ad blocking.

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